May 21, 2008

Thankful for Medicaid :)

So Eric picked up his prescription for Humira last night. We knew he was covered by Medicaid for this month so I wasn't concerned about it... and boy am I thankful for that Medicaid! His starter pack which contains 6 injections was $4,675.74 of which we paid a $3.00 co-pay. I could not believe it! I believe that next month he has to take 4 injections and then it will 2 injections each month thereafter. So the price would go down considerably but still not enough for us to be able to afford it. When he got home he picked up the mail and we got a notice stating that we all are still eligible for Medicaid in June so I was very happy and thankful for that.

His doctor has said that he should notice significant improvement in his symptoms within 24 hours of the first injections (he had to do 4 injections today) so hopefully that is the case and tomorrow will be a much better day. He has been pretty miserable. He couldn't make it in to work yesterday. We are really going to be hurting for money now. Rent is due in less than 2 weeks and I honestly don't know how we'll pay it. It's going to be a huge struggle the next few weeks. We always get by with some help from family, but I hate having to rely on other people, it's hard. Things will be so much better when Eric starts to feel like his old self again. I look forward to that. It's hard to see him hurting. It's very hard to see him hurting when I know there is not a thing I can do to help.

Jenna has her end of the year field trip today. She is so excited! They are going bowling and then to the park for a picnic lunch and after that to the local gymnastics club for some... gymnastics I suppose. She has no idea what gymnastics is (and I didn't want to show her a video cause then she would fully expect to be doing back handsprings today and would be upset that they didn't teach her that) but she's excited about it. And she was so cute this morning because I had packed her lunch (she usually gets hot lunch) and she asked me what was in it. So I tell her "There's a sandwich and granola bites and an apple and some cookies and a root beer to drink." Oh man, her eyes got so big! "Root beer!? THANK you mom! I'm gonna make big burps! Like a dog!" LOL I just laughed and then I said "Jenna, don't make big burps at school okay? You can only do that at home." :) Oh my kids!

Last day of school is on Friday. Jenna keeps saying how we're going to have so much fun... I'm like, yeah, it's not gonna be all that much fun. :) I really do plan to try my best to have fun with the girls this summer. I want to take them places... well, cheap places, like the splash park and the nature garden and there are a lot of fun things to do at the library planned for the summer. There is also an art camp this summer that I want to sign Jenna up for cause they offer scholarships and I would love it if she could go to something like that.

Dick and Terri (my in-laws) bought a camper this week and Jenna is so excited! We are planning to go over to their place on Friday night for a little campout and she can't stop talking about it. So she was so cute, making plans :) Funny thing about Jenna, she draws scenarios from TV and movies and she can't escape from that image, in fact she gets very upset if things don't go as expected. She also does this with learning methods which makes it very hard to do homework with her if we don't know exactly how she did something at school, she can't understand that there are different ways of doing things (this makes Eric very upset and I try to explain to him that it's a trait that goes with Autism, but he doesn't believe me and thinks she's just stubborn... which she is, but well, you know what I mean). Anyway, so she has started talking about camping in the camper. First of all, we had to explain to her that we will just be camping at Grandma and Grandpa's house, we're not going anywhere this weekend. She was not thrilled about that but she's dealing with it. Then she starts telling me "We'll tell stories, and play board games, and make food!" And I'm thinking... mmmm.. we will? LOL

So Eric is talking to his mom last night and telling her how excited Jenna is and he starts telling her about what she said and I mentioned in passing "They should get one of those little fire pit thingies you can put on the deck... you could roast marshmallows and hot dogs over that right?" as soon as I said it I realized that Terri would totally want to do that now :) She just does what she can to make these girls happy and sure enough, when Eric mentioned it she started considering it. So I'm sure after that she had a conversation with Dick about it. We'll see what becomes of that this weekend. I'll be sure to take pictures.

So anyway, this is why I didn't show Jenna the gymnastics video. She honestly would believe that she'd be doing all kinds of flips and stuff :) It'll be interesting to hear what she DID do at the gymnastics club when she gets home. Another thing to mention while on the subject of Jenna's insistence on being like the movies, she was very heartbroken this past Thanksgiving when we didn't all sit around the table and carve the turkey in front of the family. I think she cried about it a little. I wasn't there but Terri mentioned it to me. They always just carve the turkey in the kitchen and set all the food on the table, buffet style and everyone goes and eats where ever. Poor Jenna, she was not expecting that at all. So I think we might try something different this year. We'll see.

I must be in a bit of a journaling mood lately! Sorry I don't have pictures to post. I will plan to be better this summer though. Alrighty, I'm gonna go. Have a lovely day!


  1. Come visit us for Thanksgiving! We'll totally carve the turkey at the table and all sit at the table together! Oh, how nice that would be. . .
    Love you,

  2. :) yeah, that would be nice... if only we had money :(

  3. Have you ever been to Sherlock Park in EGF? It looks like a really fun park for kids and is only a few blocks from where I work. I would love to go sometime with you and the girls!

  4. I haven't been there yet but it was one of my parks to hit this summer, I've heard great things about it. Maybe we could do a few picnics in the park for lunch this summer? The girls would love that!

  5. so...still no word from ash on when the best time to come to ND is. Maybe oct 6th?

  6. sorry rye... i just always have so much on my mind. yes, I think early october would be a perfect time for you to visit and you know I'd love it if you were here for my EEK 29th birthday! :)


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