May 20, 2008

I want something

I want something to eat, but I can't figure out what I'm craving. Nothing we have in the house, that's for certain. Figures.

My throat doesn't hurt anymore, it's just a bit irritated so that it makes me cough, but no pain when swallowing. Still congested though which is icky. I slept better last night. About the best sleep I've had in a few weeks so that was good. Still woke up really tired this morning though. Oh, it was so hard to get up! Marah came in at 6:50 to get me up, stating that she was cold. 6:50?! Really, as a stay at home mom, I shouldn't have to get up so early! :) I am hoping that now that summer vacation starts on Friday that I will be able to adjust the kids bedtime and waking time. They go to bed pretty regularly at about 8- 8:30 and get up pretty regularly at about 7. So if I work to move bedtime up to 9:30 maybe they'd sleep regularly til 8. That would be nice. Geez, I never thought I would think of sleeping til 8 as a relief! LOL Gone are the days of sleeping til noon everyday during summer vacation and on weekends!

I've watched Flight of the Navigator about 10 times already this week. I watched it on Saturday night with the girls and Marah loved it! She had a bad dream the first night, which I was concerned about cause it is a pretty creepy movie, especially to a 3 year old girl who has no idea what's actually going on, but now she's totally into it. She asks to watch it everyday, twice a day (well, actually more than that but I have to draw a line somewhere). She's watching it right now. So it's a typically cheesy 80's movie but man, I love this movie! I still watch it just thinking how clever it is and there are a lot of little things that they do with the movie that are just so creepy and surreal. Great stuff! I love the parts when they see the blimp at the beginning of the movie and cue in the creepy music so you think it's gonna be a spaceship and when David runs into his house and is scared because his parents aren't there, then he runs upstairs and there's this guy in a smoking jacket with a newspaper in his library which used to be David's room. And when the police find his parents and you start to think everything is okay and normal and then David runs up to them to find that they are now much older looking. Anyway, yeah, I love it. And now my kids love it, which is always cool. They like Goonies too and that makes me proud LOL

Man, my armpits itch. I feel like Eric up in here, scratching my armpits :) Mom should appreciate that one! Maybe it's men's deodorant which I have taken to wearing. I swear, I can't find any women's deodorant that works for me... actually come to think of it this seems like a familiar problem. I think I had this problem when I was pregnant with Marah. I remember it was Tera or Angie recommending I switch to men's formula cause it's stronger. Doesn't smell pretty though. :(

Speaking of Tera and Angie, why don't my Olson family side ever comment on this blog? I know they read. Eric told me yesterday that Abby reads too, which gave me warm fuzzies. So ladies, if you're reading say hi.

Okay, I'm gonna go cause I"m tired of typing and don't really have anything left to say. Have a lovely day :) It looks like a beautiful one here!


  1. Boy, I haven't watched Flight of the Navigator since you were in school.....Junior High or Elementary?

    I've been meaning to rent it for the Leah and Krista.

    Enjoyed your writing!

    Love you,


  2. Dad, it came out in 1986 so probably Elementary school. You should rent it, though it may be one of those 80's movies that you can only get your kids to appreciate if you catch them really young. By the time they're 14 it may be too cheesy :)

  3. Well, Leah is pretty cheezy, though she tries to pretend like she's cool. I could totally see her and Krista both enjoying it.

    Did you ever figure out what you were craving?

  4. mm. no :) I think I'm still craving something. I've been really into ice cream lately. I was really into ice cream when I was pregnant with Marah. Maybe cause I don't drink milk so my body is craving some calcium? So we always have 2 gallons of ice cream in the freezer now!

  5. Hi Ashley! it's (aunt) Renae. I read your blog all the time, not sure why I never comment. It's usually late at night before I drag my tired butt up to bed!! It's fun reading about your family! My son is nagging at me to take him driving. He has his permit now - ei ei eiiii! gotta run for now. Take care & love ya! Blessings!!

  6. Ok, I've just been to lazy to sign up to leave a comment. So now I have. I read this just about everyday at work, while working of course:). I love hearing whats going on with you guys! I love that movie too!


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