May 12, 2008


I hate mondays. I try to love them cause they are the start of a new week (well, technically Sunday is, but really, Monday is when the week starts I think). They should be about a renewal of sorts. You have a new week to start over and get things done that maybe (probably) you didn't get to last week. Instead it ends up being a day that I just want to do nothing. I don't want to be that way. I try to get things done on Monday but usually I end up not doing much of anything. Maybe I need that. Tuesdays are usually a lot better. I guess it's okay to not do much on Mondays, as long as it's not a trend throughout the entire week.

I'm 22 weeks into this pregnancy now. I took a photo yesterday to document. Well, actually I took a lot of photos but only one that was half decent. And yes, I took it in the bathroom. I need a better photo spot :)

And yes, we chose the name Alexander and I'm very happy about it :) So nice to have a name, though it still feels weird on my tongue! So Alexander Eric Olson it will be.

Yesterday was Mother's Day and I had a nice day. Nothing really spectacular but Jenna was so happy it was Mother's Day and couldn't wait to give me the card she made in school and the flowers she picked out for me. We went out for our nice Mother's Day meal on Saturday evening which was so much better than trying to brave the Sunday afternoon crowds. On Saturday night Eric's parents kept the girls overnight and so we went to see What Happens in Vegas which we both enjoyed. Eric had wanted to see Iron Man, which I DO want to see too, but for some reason wasn't in the mood that night. I know he was bummed but, it was for Mother's Day so I got to choose :) Oh, and I forgot to call my mom... which is so sad. I'm sorry mom. You know how much I love you. I'll call you tonight.

I've been really enjoying the library lately. Marah and I go every Friday morning and it is nice to get out of the house and also to find some new books to read. This past trip I picked up a few photography books as well as The Power of a Praying Wife. I have been meaning/wanting to pick this up for so long but could never find it at the library. I'm so glad I found it when I did. I know this is an important part of my marriage that is missing. So I started reading on Saturday evening and I just love it. I swear every chapter speaks to me, it's as if the author knows my husband... which then makes me wonder if most men are like mine but I only find fault in the man in front of me. That's a hard thing to admit to yourself, even though I have known that it's true. I am realizing that it's important to remember that where my husband struggles, other men do too, and where other men don't have the same issue they may be dealing with the opposite end of that spectrum. It also helps me to see reasons why Eric may struggle with certain things and where I need to admit fault in a situation too. It's easy to forget that NEITHER of us are perfect. As much as I may want to believe that I'm just too awesome to find fault with ;) I know that's not at all true.

Eric is having a hard time at work. I won't go into detail about everything because some things are too personal, but if you would just take a moment to say a prayer for my husband, that he would not get too stressed or feel too overwhelmed, I would be very thankful.

Alright, I'm gonna go... do something I guess :) Have a lovely day.

PS it snowed AGAIN this weekend!


  1. Ash, don't worry about not calling me. I totally understand how it goes. I often forget to call my mom (but not this year). I'm glad you had a nice day. Mine was great, but we really missed you!
    Love you!

  2. Ash, you look beautiful! I was going to say something else that obviously was very profound, but I forgot. Oh yeah! Mondays. Mondays are why I'm scared to be a SAHM (but that's years away). Mondays are very intimidating. I much rather like Tuesdays and Thursdays. Or even Fridays. :)

  3. I meant to tell you how glad I am that you chose Alexander! I really, really like that name. Of course, I'll believe it when you actually have the baby and decide definitely to name him Alexander, because I remember Haley, I mean Jenna. : )

    She's definitely a Jenna and NOT a Haley!

  4. ale freakin xander

    hey whens a good time to come to north dakooooota? i dont thi nk i want to be there in the summer, hows the fall? september? october?


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