September 21, 2011

Phone Pics

Are you like me, taking most of your photos with your phone? I have found that since I have had my Android that I have been taking most of my pictures with my phone. I love the fun little apps that I can download to make my pictures more interesting and stylized. It's so much fun!

I still pull out my camera when there is an important event or if I will be taking a ton of pictures, but it has been so nice to have a small, handy, always there, always ready to go, camera with me. I have been able to record so many moments that I normally either wouldn't have thought to capture or might not have had my camera on hand for.

So here is a bit of our life in pictures over the last couple of weeks. :)

In no particular order:

We colored Jenna's hair.

Marah showed off her fashion prowess.

Alex played Santa in the tub. "Is like Kissmass!"

Painting at the river.

Apple cupcakes for the first week of school.

Painting pinatas.

Me and my girl at Mike's Pizza.

Got the school resources organized.

Painting self portraits for the first day of school.

At the campground.

Playing at the campground.

Riding his balance bike.

Me and my boy at Paradiso.

90's Trivial Pursuit with Tera and Fred.

Superman pajamas for Alex's birthday.

Drinking Octoberfest and watching It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Making banana bread!

Cowgirl Penny.

Rubbing his silky under his nose (just like his Auntie Angie).

Pinata time while watching The Three Caballeros!

Eating ice cream while watching Rango.


Naked romp.

Rock on.

Shoot, I forgot to rotate this one, too!.

Jenga with the girls.

Nature journaling.

Dodging Penny on the swing.

Hula hooping at the park.

She's a pro!

Make each day count!

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  1. Marah totally looks like my mom in the "fashion" pic. whoa. normally she doesn't. i always see your side of the family. i am happy to have passed on my lovely habit to alex. always love reading your blog.


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