December 19, 2008

Snow Fun

Jenna has really been enjoying the snow. Marah did enjoy it until yesterday when her fingers froze and they hurt. Yeah, she needs better gloves.

And here is Jenna. Doesn't she look like bigfoot? LOL


And here's my sweet little boy in bed waking up with a big ol' smile for me :) He's a smiley baby.

And with my most favorite childhood possession- the sock monkey my mom made me. or maybe she made it for Ryan and I stole it, either way, I'm in love with it.



  1. good job on photoshopping that picture of jenna.

  2. LOL. that big foot totally cracked me up!!!! how fun they could make tunnels and stuff. Those will be fun memories for them when they grow up. except marah who will be like, "jenna, mom always gave you the warm gloves, and my hands FROZE!" hehe :)

    We're supposed to get a foot of snow tonight. They even sent out an email tentatively cancelling church! lol. it's crazy that the snow plows only plow the main roads here. everyone else is screwed. in Durango, the snow plows went everywhere. ah, well. fun stuff.

  3. Congratulations! We celebrated 10 years in October! Hey, now you have a link to my blogspot, but I need/want your help decorating it nice!

  4. I cannot believe that sock monkey is still around. I remember it was my first attempt, and it turned out so bad, so I threw it away, but Ryan took it out of the trash, because he liked it. I was going to make him another one, but never did. : )I'm really pathetic like that. Remember that green blanket I was making for 97 years, and I never finished it, so I finally threw it away. Poor Ryan.

  5. the big foot thing makes me laugh every time i see it.

  6. Ash, the Bigfoot thing is way too funny. That was awesome! I like the new look of your blog, and I always love snow pictures!

  7. Now that is a pretty awesome snow pile you've got going on there. We had tons of snow here in Seattle but Zoë only went outside twice. Apparently she is not a fan, but then again neither am I.


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