December 13, 2008


no thanks...


  1. my kids wouldn't mind if you sent some of that our way. we have it in the forecast, but the kids were so bummed there wasn't any on the ground when they woke up.

    i know snow can be annoying when you have too much for too long a time. but it IS quite pretty and christmas-y! snuggle in with your babies and hubby and have a great day filled with christmas movies, popcorn, and hot cocoa :)


  2. Ashley, I so share your thoughts about snow! :)



  3. :) i really wouldn't mind it if it lasted for a couple weeks and then melted. but you have to understand this is literally almost half our year her. so yeah, i'm not exactly thrilled when winter shows it's face.

    and it's not like my kids can even enjoy it either. It's 7 degrees outside and with the wind chill feels like -14

    there is a blizzard warning tonight with wind chills up to -40 degrees! You know, for the most part I'm fine with living here, but then winter comes along and it just sucks the life out of you. oh well, I deal with it cause it's cheap :)

  4. ashley. oh. believe me i understand!! in durango we had snow like for like 8 months (oct-june) straight. UGH. i HATED the stuff by the time we left. i get it :) Those temps you get over there are brutal :( why do you guys live out there again? because his family is close..? Or is it just b/c it's cheap like you just mentioned? how strange that i don't think i ever heard the reason why you guys moved that way! ha!

    stay safe and warm.


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