September 21, 2011

Phone Pics

Are you like me, taking most of your photos with your phone? I have found that since I have had my Android that I have been taking most of my pictures with my phone. I love the fun little apps that I can download to make my pictures more interesting and stylized. It's so much fun!

I still pull out my camera when there is an important event or if I will be taking a ton of pictures, but it has been so nice to have a small, handy, always there, always ready to go, camera with me. I have been able to record so many moments that I normally either wouldn't have thought to capture or might not have had my camera on hand for.

So here is a bit of our life in pictures over the last couple of weeks. :)

In no particular order:

We colored Jenna's hair.

Marah showed off her fashion prowess.

Alex played Santa in the tub. "Is like Kissmass!"

Painting at the river.

Apple cupcakes for the first week of school.

Painting pinatas.

Me and my girl at Mike's Pizza.

Got the school resources organized.

Painting self portraits for the first day of school.

At the campground.

Playing at the campground.

Riding his balance bike.

Me and my boy at Paradiso.

90's Trivial Pursuit with Tera and Fred.

Superman pajamas for Alex's birthday.

Drinking Octoberfest and watching It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Making banana bread!

Cowgirl Penny.

Rubbing his silky under his nose (just like his Auntie Angie).

Pinata time while watching The Three Caballeros!

Eating ice cream while watching Rango.


Naked romp.

Rock on.

Shoot, I forgot to rotate this one, too!.

Jenga with the girls.

Nature journaling.

Dodging Penny on the swing.

Hula hooping at the park.

She's a pro!

Make each day count!

September 20, 2011


In two weeks I will be flying to San Diego for the wedding of this magnificent duo:

That's my brother, Ryan, and his fiance, Ai. Ryan and Ai met in Japan and the rest is history. I don't really know the whole history... but I like where it's going and that's all that matters to me. I am so excited to be able to attend this wedding. My brother is one of my very favorite people in the world and I have had the opportunity to meet Ai (when they came here together last November) and she is absolutely lovely and wonderful, as well. The idea of not being able to go was just unfathomable and so, because my husband is so gracious, we were able to set aside a huge chunk of our budget so that I would be able to fly out there!

So I have two weeks left until I leave and I am still stuck on what to wear for the wedding. I have this dress that fit me about 20 lbs ago...

That's the only pic I have of myself in the dress but it looks similar to this:

I just tried it on and I can button it but I don't know if I would feel comfortable wearing it all night. However, it's cute and it's brown (perfect for a fall wedding) and it's already been bought. Three very nice factors. I'm wondering if I could lose enough before I leave to just feel comfortable in this dress. Otherwise I have this one...

however, it is very low cut which means I will be pulling up on it all night and my mom will probably say something about me looking like I belong in a porno or something and, well, yeah. I don't really want that. Plus it is made out of material that odor clings to and so I can't seem to get rid of the body odor smell eminating from the armpit area and just won't do either. Anyone have any tips for that? I have washed it but it still has a lingering smell.

I also have a cute top and skirt I could wear but I prefer the idea of wearing a dress. Of course, my adorable sisters will be there wearing their adorable dresses and we'll probably all be in pictures together and I don't want to stand out looking like a loser. I don't really have the money to buy a new dress, either, so that option is pretty much out unless I am completely desperate. Sigh...

So let's all join hands and pray that I will fit into my brown dress. It's what I really want to wear. :)

Make each day count!

September 19, 2011

This week

I've been absent from the blog for a long time. My goal is to come up with a more streamlined way to blog regularly. I haven't figured it out yet but I'm going to try some new things and see if they are good.

This weekend we...

* celebrated my baby turning three. Three! It's insanity. It's sad and wonderful all at the same time. I love this kid.

But I miss this little guy, too. Remember him?

* Ate more cake (this after the amazingly delicious cake Jenna made for Grandparent's day the weekend before and it's amazing that I haven't put on 10 lbs!)

* Played 90's Trivial Pursuit. A game I had been wondering about recently and then spotted at Goodwill for $2.50! It's been a good investment and Eric and I enjoyed playing with his sister and brother-in-law.

* Had so much fun watching Alex really get into his birthday for the first time. My heart was melting with love.

* Got the house cleaned up for the first time since we got home from California. It was bad, real bad.

* Eric gave himself a mustache. I hate it. He does make me laugh with his willingness to try new facial hair styles though. I think it's brave. I still hate it though.

* Colored Jenna's hair a dark brown. She loves it. It's the little things that make life lovely.

* Really just enjoyed each other's company as a family. I love my family. We're nice.


* I'm enjoying Coconut Macaroon coffee and... leftover cake.

* The kids all ate cake for breakfast. Why not?

* Alex is still playing with his new toys and loving them.

* We are going on a nature walk so we can draw in our nature journals.

* We're going to buy ingredients to make apple pie for the first day of fall on Wednesday.

* We're going to play some games and maybe play at the park for a bit.

* It's absolutely beautiful outside.

* Jenna is excited to show her Girl Scout troop her new hair color and she's been running around all morning picking out the perfect outfit and getting the flat iron prepped for me to make her hair smooth and asking if she can wear eyeliner and lip gloss. Oh boy.

* Now she is asking about nail polish. :P

This week...

* We'll be having a Fall celebration by making leaf prints, apple pie, ice cream in a baggie (link:, possibly a fall picnic if it's not raining or incredibly windy, pulling out the Halloween decorations, and some other things I haven't thought of yet.

* The girls will have PE at the YMCA. It was really great last week. I'll have to blog more about that another time.

* Jenna is starting up at the Stable Days program where she will get to learn about caring for horses and riding. She is super excited.

* We'll be celebrating Marah's birthday on Saturday. She's going to be seven! More family time and... cake!!

Make each day count.