July 9, 2010

These Precious Moments

One of my goals this week was to experiment and play with my camera more. I'm trying to learn more about different light settings and exposure and aperture and all that junk because I have a wedding coming up in August that I will be photographing! It's very important to me to do the best job that I am able to do because the bride and groom and so awesome and because I do take pride in what I do. Not that I've ever done any photography sessions before... but it's an art form I have always been interested in and so I am excited to do this for them!

So I have taken several shots this week that I love but I wanted to share just two of them with you today. The first is of my middle child, Marah, who is a little spit-fire. She's full of emotion, knows how to be bossy, and isn't above telling lies. She's really quite different from Jenna in most ways. However she does have her moments of pure sweetness and they seem to be coming more and more often lately. It's always nice to capture one of her sweet and innocent moments of quiet.

And then there's Alex. The boy keeps me on my toes! He's quite the overflowing handful but in all the best ways. His smile lights up a room and his antics are hilarious. He cracks me up every day! One of the things I love best about Alex is the way he looks at Eric and me with the most obvious adoration. We can just see, in the way his eyes sparkle, how much he loves us and when he falls blissfully into our arms for a big hug or cuddle there is just nothing better in this world.

Make each day count!


  1. Nice looking pictures. Your daughter Marah is beautiful!

    Katie G.

  2. thank you Katie! I happen to agree with you :)


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