July 4, 2010

List Love

Today I've been thinking about what I would like to accomplish for the week. I figured I should make a list in hopes that writing it down for the world to see will motivate me to actually do it!

- make bow clips. lots of them.
- make place mats for table.
- finish (start... lol) garden
- get one of Jenna's summer Girl Scout badges completed.
- start Jenna's Girl Scout scrapbook with her.
- 3 math lessons with Jenna on Time4Learning.com
- 3 math lessons with Marah on Time4Learning.com
- 3 language lessons with Jenna on T4L
- 3 language lessons with Marah on T4L
- Library trip to return books and get new ones!
- Splash park
- Read from Beezus and Ramona every night with the girls.
- Practice with my camera every day.

Alright, I think that's plenty to work on. What do you want to accomplish this week?

Make each day count!

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