February 9, 2010

Slow and Steady

As I mentioned in my last post, I am making a concerted effort to spend less time on my selfish desires and more time on my God-given desires. I'm taking it slow and keeping it steady. I don't want to go into freak out mode and get overwhelmed and burned out so that I give up. I am letting myself be led by the Spirit and by my family. It's only day two of this endeavor and I am seeing so much that I have not wanted to see in myself. The laziness, the little amount of time that I actually invest in my family (yes, it's true, no matter what my pictures might convey), the contentment with less than what I should be doing. I need to pursue my passions with passion! I no longer want to live my life content with mediocrity.

Today I had lunch with my friend, Anna, whom I haven't spent any quality time with in months. It was so great to see her and just talk. I miss talking to her. She was my walking buddy and we used to talk pretty much every day for an hour or more! Plus, we had a delicious lunch and awesome dessert so... it doesn't get much better than that. Forgot to get a picture which is really too bad because she looked so lovely today. I didn't, but I blame that on being tired and winter making my hair a crazy, fly-away mess.

After Jenna's speech therapy I took the girls to the mall so that Jenna could get her hair cut. Her hair has been all one length for so long and it was getting stringy and just boring. I wanted her to have a style and so I had the stylist cut layers throughout her hair and chop off the dry ends. She was so proud of her hair cut. Now if I could just get the nerve to have mine cut. I have a little bit of a phobia of hair stylists.

We grabbed a pretzel afterward and sat to talk for a bit. Then we had to hurry home because Eric had to get to work. We spent the evening cutting Valentines and hearts and baking cookies and dancing and playing. I have just finished folding too much laundry and now I am exhausted.

Making Valentines for her Brownie troop.

Creating Valentines to send to our little friends in Thief River Falls.

I heart green!

Tenderhearted Girl.

She has my heart.
I've found the best way to keep the boy out of our way is to throw some food on his tray and let him have at it!

So... I started this post before Valentines Day (clearly) and here it is the 20th of February and I'm just getting around to finding the time to finish up! Now I have a whole new batch of photos to post from our trip to Minneapolis so I'll plan to work on that Monday. For now I'll just say good-bye and have a lovely weekend!

Make each day count!

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  1. marah looks like ryan in that photo of her holding the heart cutout in front of her face!


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