February 22, 2010

Not surprised at all

Please note: In an effort to make this blog less boring I'm going to be interspersing the text with random photos from the last few days that have nothing to do with what I'm writing about but just need to be shared :)

After a long battle against the mess in the dining room yesterday which was then followed by getting a lot of stuff prepped and scheduled for school I was ready to start the week off right and get the kids back on track with school. So I wasn't surprised at all, really, when my Monday started off unexpectedly with a sick little boy who wouldn't go back to sleep after waking up at 6 am. So I dragged myself, quite unwillingly, out of bed to tend to the crab monster and tried to squeeze in my Bible study and reading time before it was time to wake up the girls at 8:00.

Eric threw out his back last week so I told him he should lay on the floor instead of sit on the couch. After about 15 minutes of this he told me he didn't think it was the best idea.

When I went to wake up the girls Marah non-chalantly tells me that she feels something in her bed. So I tell her to see what it is and that is when she lifts the covers to reveal a HUGE wet spot on the mattress. My middle child has never wet the bed more than a tiny spot in her underwear so I was shocked... but not surprised that this happened today. Another kink in my schedule. You must know how it is when you think you've got all your ducks in a row and then things start going wrong. Please tell me you understand!

This is what happens when the kids are being super cute and I tell Marah to be still.

So I stripped the bed and washed the sheets and now I'm wondering what to do about the mattress. I've never used any type of mattress pad on her bed before but I guess I need to start. Is the mattress ruined? Do I need to buy a new one? Or can it be saved? Anyone out there know?

Much better :)

Of course she needed a bath at this point so this set us back even more in our daily timeline. Oh well, as I said to a friend today- that's the benefit of homeschooling. We can make a schedule but we can also adjust and be flexible in it and everything will be okay. If it means we end school time a little later in the day that's okay. And so that's what we did.

I dare you not to laugh at Marah's latest antics!

Days like today just suck the energy out of me. At supper time I tried to make spaghetti. I was feeling super tired and not at all like cooking so I figured spaghetti would be a safe and easy thing to make... until I realized we had no spaghetti sauce. I've never made my own, but the noodles were already cooking and the hamburger was browned so I threw in some crushed tomatoes and started seasoning it to death. Literally. Yes, I killed the sauce. It was terrible! I'm a pretty good cook and I can season things pretty well but I think I was just too tired to think about what I was doing and I over salted and over did pretty much every thing in there. What a waste. Nobody ate it. I felt like my mom saying "If you don't eat it I won't be offended." LOL we heard that many times growing up ;) Eric ended up having cereal while Marah ate her noodles plain as usual and Jenna and I added some Panda Express Mandarin sauce to our noodles and they were just fine.

Jenna tries to cross her eyes too!

Now all the dishes are sitting in the sink, not even rinsed, just full of food. I'm so ready to call it a day. I really hope tomorrow turns out better. At least my list got done and the kids learned something and we did our chores together and spent time reading the Bible and worshiping the Lord together. I enjoyed my time with my kids and that is what matters in the end. I just hope they will remember the fun and happy moments with me more than the moments where I lost my temper or needed to lay down for an hour or two.

Well, it's cute of Marah, anyway!

Of course, now Marah is whining to me (at nearly 6 pm) that she wants to do more school. I guess she just wants school all day long. She wants to do more science. I understand that. I can't wait til I get our science curriculum in the mail. Sometimes I feel so lost in this teaching thing. I really am a very creative person! I took classes for this! So why do I always feel lost when it comes time to sit down and plan out a curriculum?

Alex is finally starting to get the hang of using a utensil to eat with. Apparently I only needed to let him sit at the table with us.

Okay, enough about all of this. I'm ready to start a fresh day. I'm going to go play Monopoly Jr. and have a drama night with the kids then it's time for bed prep and a sermon before I go to sleep!

Make each day count!


  1. Ash - Fret not, there ARE others out there who understand! As for the matress, I have been known to strip it, spray it (soak it sometimes) with Clorox Clean-up and take it to a sunny place outside that gets the breeze. The bleach kills the germs and takes the stain out but does not ruin the matress. After it dries, I spray it with water and lysol and dry again before bringing it back to the bedroom.

  2. I hear you, sometimes I feel like on Monday I have to start over and all the progress I made the previous week doesn't count.

    Are you going to post about Minneapolis?

  3. LOL...great blog! Glad you commented on mine so I could find yours!
    I had to laugh out loud at the picture of the kids piled on their dad on the floor. Real Man and I always think that stretching out on the floor would be good for our backs. It probably would if the kids didn't have "parent on the floor radar!" Too funny!

  4. Another option for cleaning the matress is to mix up some white vinegar, water and baking soda and tip it over the area. After a few mins blot out as much moisture as you can and put the matress in the sun.
    I had to laugh at your photo attempts. It reminds me my days of being able to get a nice photo of my lot are numbered lol.


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