February 8, 2010


Can I just say how happy I am to have the internet and be virtually surrounded by so many inspiring women who share their lives with all of us every day. I was recently inspired by Amanda Blake Soule and her Winter Manifesto post which reminded me of the importance of getting out into the air, even if it is cold and even if I do hate it (which I do), with our children every day. Couple that with a sermon by Pastor Mark Driscoll of Mars Hill Church in Seattle, WA that pressed upon me the importance of pursuing the desires of your heart and listening to the desires that God places on a "new" heart rather than the desires of our sinful hearts, and oh... I was just so full of joy and anticipation for the day this morning!

So today I did my very best to really enjoy my children and enjoy serving my family and for the most part I did. I knew that getting us all out into the snow and wind (we were at the end of a snowstorm this morning) was going to be a real effort for me so I just kept reminding myself, as I was getting everyone (including myself) bundled up, that I was in no rush, we had no appointment, no time restraints, so don't stress over it! I didn't enjoy the process of getting ready but, once we were outside and walking in the fresh snow, I loved watching my children play and laugh and I enjoyed the fresh air, despite the cold.

It's not easy to give up your selfish desires. I would be very happy sitting around all day or sleeping most of the day or blog hopping and eating all day long. I'm prone to laziness. BUT, when you choose to put your selfishness aside to pursue God's purpose for your life, you will end the day filled with so much more joy and fullness and satisfaction. That is God's promise! I'm working on it and hoping to get better every day.

Make each day count!

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  1. i thought you just werent updating your blog anymore!

    forgot you had a new one...again ;)

    hey anyone told you you are picking up a MN accent? im sure eric would disagree but hey


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