January 20, 2010

It's a Slow Process

One of my main goals for this year has been to do more with my pictures and make our home more suited to our personalities. It's a slow process but one that I am determined to get through this year! There are big things that I need to tackle like the clutter and organization that I am so bad at, but that something that will take an even longer time so for now I'm doing the photo stuff. I've found that when I do something new and fun to make the house look better that I get more in the mood to do the cleaning and organizing afterward.

So anyway, I've been printing, and framing, and creating, and painting, and it has been so much fun! One thing I had seen recently on another blog and just fell in love with was silhouettes. So I took pictures of the kids, played with them in Photoshop, printed and framed them and got them up on the wall. Here is the end result:

Um, my walls are not really that yellow. They are white, but something happened to Photoshop on my computer so I can't properly edit right now. Anyway, you get the idea no matter the quality of the picture. This is right above our couch.

The next thing I had in mind was a photo collage on the entry wall. We have a half wall dividing our stairs from our living room and it's so boring and I never have known what to do with it. Currently it is shelving our dvd collection so that Alex can't get to them, but I'm going to have to think of something else to do with them now. Here is what I did over there:

I was able to get a great deal at snapfish.com- 100 prints for only 50 cents! I was so excited!

So, it's a start. I was stressing about all the photos I wanted to display and not having money for frames and then not really having room for all the pictures and so on, then I realized I don't need frames. The most important thing for me was the photos themselves and I knew that the main reason I hadn't printed any pictures in so long was because they get shoved in albums or boxes and rarely looked at again, so what's the point? Now I have 100 of my very favorites that I can look at every day and I know that this will bring me joy every time I walk by it!

Well, the baby is in bed and I finally have a free moment to shower so I'm going to snag it!

Make each day count.


  1. i love the arrangements on the walls! I have to know how you applied the 100 photoes to the wall and how you go them so straight. please?

  2. Um, very creative! I love it! I would also like to know how you applied the frameless photos, I could see making "wallpaper" out of photos! or at least a boarder! Maybe the future has that in store for my home! Who knows?

  3. I printed them with a white border on them so that made it much easier to keep them straight. But really, if you just make sure the first one you hang is level, the rest should line up just fine if you do it carefully.

    I used poster putty :) I can't wait to add more! I'm going to hang photos of myself and Eric above our bed in this same manner, but maybe with a heart shape. These are all pictures of us and the kids. I also did a mini collage in our living room on a bare space with photos of our friends and extended family.

    I'm glad you like it!

  4. poster putty, huh? Where might one find said putty? loving this whole thing... totally going to steal your idea (one day).

  5. ash thats SIIIICK! dude i love it. i keep meaning to decorate my walls but i still havent gotten around to it. :(


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