November 29, 2009

Welcoming in a New Season

Oh, it may not be my favorite season of weather, but it is certainly my favorite season of happiness and cheer and good will and hope and love and memories! My mind is always swimming with ideas for this time of year and then I get a little freaked out when I realize that time is quickly slipping by and I will not be able to do everything I had hoped. Still, I always enjoy this time with my family and I love seeing the house dressed up in Christmas splendor. It's a wonderful time of the year.

Leftover sweet potato casserole reheated in a ramekin and dolloped with fresh cream

Our tree is up an decorated. I swear it seems smaller every year. I suppose as my kids grow taller our tree looks smaller by comparison. I think we need a new tree. I say this every year though. I think I've been saying it for about 6 years now. Hard for me to believe that we've had this tree for 9 years! That was $25 well spent.

Tree decorating commences

The remainder of our Christmas decor still lies in boxes due to the fact that in order to put it out we have to move much of our existing items from their usual perches and place them into boxes for the next month. I don't want to do that part of it. How boring. But I suppose it is a necessary evil if I want to experience the end result of years of Christmas clearance shopping!

Marah telling me all about the new ornament I just gave her

I hope to fill this coming month with lots of crafting, gift making, baking, singing, visiting, and adventuring. I want pleasant memories to abound and love to be present in each day. Money is very tight... almost non-existent but I refuse to let it get me down. I know that so many in the world truly know the meaning of living in want and I plan to focus on the spirit of Christmas rather than the commercialism this year. I just hope that my whole family can get on board with me and realize that we do not need lots of presents to enjoy this special time of year.

Alex has finally noticed that there are cool toys being hung on this new tree thing!

I look forward to sharing not only our own seasonal pursuits, but also those inspirations I've found around this fabulous place called The World Wide Web. Hopefully you will be inspired yourself to bring a simple, homemade celebration of Christmas into your home as well.

Daddy loves Christmas too

In school this month our plans include going back in time to ancient Egyptian times, learning all about the Christmas story and why Jesus was born, studying the animal kingdom and classification of animals, finishing up The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, Christmas carols, and an imaginary trip to Japan. I am super excited!

Jenna places the finishing touch on the top of the tree

~ Make each day count ~

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