November 23, 2009

Setting New Goals

Day one of setting the new goal of going to bed earlier and getting up at 6 am. Goal met! It was tough to get up but I made myself do it and, while I was tired and ready for bed by about 10 am, I pushed through the day and really enjoyed it! I spent so much quality time with my kids and I could tell how much they thrived on it.

One thing I did today was to separate their activities into folders so that they could have a new surprise each time they transitioned to the next part of their day. They were so excited every time they opened a new folder. It was too cute! I kept laughing every time they would gasp over a new worksheet or practicing handwriting. They really loved school today for the first time... this year I think! They kept saying they didn't want to stop.

Here are some pictures of our day-

Alex woke up at 7:30 and I enjoyed the first few minutes of his day with him as I usually do, singing and snuggling

Got everything set out for the day before the girls woke up.

Alex had some breakfast

While I took in some much needed coffee and did a little blog reading.

Awana workbook time.

Marah's Cubbies book had her create a card for someone who is sick. She made a card for her great-grandma who is having surgery soon. I forgot to take a picture of it but she drew a crabby patty, fries and a drink.

Alex had a hard time hanging in there. I need to figure out how to entertain a baby while all this is going on. Any suggestions?

Seeing how difficult it is to write with our left hands.

Cursive practice

Thanksgiving coloring book

Household chores

She did a pretty good job! Not perfect :) but that's okay!

Creating her own Thanksgiving story

Checking out what happens to rotten squash

It stinks!

There were other things we did today that I didn't get a chance to photograph, but you get the idea. We had a great day! And now it is 8:30 and the kids are all bathed and I am ready to put them in bed so I can enjoy the last couple of hours before I go to bed and start all over again. Gotta plan Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow. Shopping and menu making! So excited!

Thanksgiving printables from abcteach
Prayers of Thanksgiving
More Thanksgiving activities from Resources for Christian Teachers
Printable calendars and schedules by year, month, week and day

~Make each day count~


  1. love this ashley! what a busy day :)

  2. This was a great post. I'm so impressed! Looks like the girls had lots of fun, which is how learning should be! Good job!

  3. he kept peeking up over the edge of the table :) Too cute not to capture!


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