October 2, 2009

Did I Forget to Mention?

So Marah's party was nearly a week ago and I still haven't posted a word about it. I post on Facebook right away because it has a much better photo uploader than Blogger. I hate loading to Blogger. I wish they would improve that. So I'm going to start posting just a few of my fave pics here and then linking to the Facebook album. Hopefully that works. Then if you want to see more, you can. If you don't, you don't have to wade through all the pics.

Marah loved her party! We all had a nice time. I didn't do any games or anything like that. It was enough work just doing food and decorations. I'm just not a party planner! She got lots of nice gifts and mermaid stuff. I even made her a mermaid doll for the occasion. She LOVED her doll. It was really cute when I gave it to her. She gasped and hugged it and proclaimed her love for it. She even called it her "precious doll". It made the very late night of sewing it all worth it!

Here is my favorite picture from the day:

and here is a link to the album: CLICK HERE

The girls have been doing great with their Awana stuff. I have been so proud of the work they are putting into it. It is so cute to hear Marah reciting her verses. She is very proud to have her Cubbies vest and she earned her Jumper patch this week. She is excited about the patches because Jenna gets patches for Girl Scouts so now she feels special too.

Speaking of Girl Scouts... whew! Jenna has been BUSY with Girl Scouts! She recently has made raspberry jam, cleaned garbage from a parking lot, gone to the water park, had a campout and spent an entire (very long) day exploring the campground. This weekend she is going to a UND Fighting Sioux hockey game (the season opener) and next weekend she will be marching in the Potato Bowl parade with the Girl Scout float. She has a haunted trail walk at the end of the month as well as a Multicultural event in the middle of the month. Not to mention meetings and now Fall candy and magazine sales! She is absolutely loving it and I am loving to see her love it! Yesterday at their meeting they created Christmas cards for a contest the council is having and it was so cute to see all the girls raving about Jenna's drawing skills. She was so proud!

Today we took a nature walk by the river. It was a blustery and cloudy morning so we all bundled up and trekked through mud, collecting leaves, flowers, bark, rocks, crickets and grasshoppers. It was such a nice time. I love being outdoors with the family. And our window of opportunity is quickly closing for the year.

Here are my favorites:

and here is the link to the album: CLICK HERE

We are going to create a nature display for all the treasures we found and look up the plants online. Talking about the change in seasons and God's hand in all of creation.

This weekend we plan to go out to the Pumpkin Patch if it's not too nasty out. I hope it will be a nice day. Maybe we'll make some warm Fall dessert to enjoy as well.

So what are you planning to do to celebrate Autumn?


  1. moon viewing!

    its where you go to the park with friends, and...view the moon.

    while you drink sake of course :)


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