September 25, 2009

Alex and the Party

The party we had for Alex was a lot of fun! It was so nice having friends and family over to celebrate our little boy's first year. Alex has had a nasty runny nose cold for over a week now so I have not been able to take him outside for his one year photo shoot but hopefully next week or maybe this weekend, though it's not looking promising.

On Sunday we celebrate our 5th year with Marah and we'll be having a mermaid party. She is very excited! I have so much to do to get ready and as usual I am waiting until the last minute. My plan is to sew a mermaid doll for her so we'll see if I get to do it tomorrow. Eric is taking the girls to his sister's house for the day/overnight so that should give me plenty of time to get things done.

Alright, lots to do. Here are the pics from the party.


  1. Can't believe I missed out on the cake and icecream. Everything looks great. Alex is a good looking boy and I miss you all.


  2. I HAVE B-DAYS close together too... two in March (5 days apart) and one at the end of june then one the beginning of July (2 weeks apart)... but they are all boys so we double up on the parties to save time and money. The rainbow cupcakes are very interesting! Did you make them?

  3. I did make them! They were so cute! Here is the link
    I made the same frosting she used too. They were a lot of work but so worth it. I love rainbows!

  4. You're such a good mom, Ashley. Everything looks great! Seeing photos of Eric's family at all the special occasions makes me sad, though. But I'm glad you do have family near. Thanks for sharing the photos (as always)!


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