October 8, 2009

Time for Me

Since September began I have been struggling with trying to walk the fine line between having a clean house and spending time with my family. This is one of my biggest hurdles in life and I wish I could find a perfect solution. I'm fairly disorganized and that makes things even more difficult. I have such a hard time keeping track of things so that when I need to get a project done I end up spending an hour looking for everything I need and by the time I get everything ready somebody will inevitably need me for something.

There is always something. Always.

Today I am taking a personal day. Ever since I started planning Alex's birthday I have felt overwhelmed and exhausted. Finally, all the birthday stuff is done. I have had my fill of shopping. I am ready to take a break. So today I have done nothing. Or, well, as close to nothing as possible being a stay at home mom. It feels good, but at the same time I can't help but notice the messes piling up, the things left undone. I'm forcing myself to ignore it though. Tomorrow will be here soon enough and I can clean and do things to my heart's content. But today... today will be for me.

We need to do that every once in awhile.


  1. Perfect! I like knowing I'm not the only SAHM who takes a "personal day" once in a while... I take one a month (sometimes more) but it's neccessary for my sanity! Yeah for you!!! You look great btw.

  2. good for you!! i was able to eek in a little something for myself today- i got my eyebrows done! it has been months since i had them done and makes such a difference in my appearance! it was the best 20 minutes of my day!


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