June 25, 2009

Party 2

Jenna's birthday was a week ago and I am still posting pictures. I hate going through photos and editing and resizing and all that. Takes so much time! I'm always happy when it's done!

So here's party two. Just a simple family get-together at my Sister-in-law, Tera, and her husband, Fred's place. Grandparents, Aunt and Uncle and us. Swimming, homemade pizza and lemon cake with white frosting and chocolate ice cream- all Jenna's requests. It was a very hot day so swimming was definitely a very nice activity for the afternoon. Too bad we didn't have any swim diapers for Alex. He sat outside for a bit and was turning red fast so I had to bring him back in. He would have loved to swim, he's a water baby.

Jenna got two movies and a video game from us and an Xbox Live card from Aunt Tera and Uncle Fred. She was so happy to get the XBox Live card! She has been wanting one so badly so that she can play games online. Grandma and Grandpa took her shopping at Old Navy for some new clothes that she desperately needed. It was a good birthday!


  1. awww...alex's little red cheeks are adorable.

  2. Good Times! Loved the pics Ashley!

  3. One of my favorite parts of taking photographs has become the editing... I can get lost in it! I try not to do too much, just because I can/// you know?

  4. ash if all you are doing is adjusting the levels and changing the size of the pictures, you can do that with an action in photoshop, only takes like a few minutes to set up and then when you run the action on the pictures you want to keep, that takes a few seconds. easy peasy japanesey.


  5. Hey, what happened to my comment? Whatever.

    Those are great pictures. Alex looks so completely adorable with his flushed face.

    It looks like Jenna really enjoyed her special day!


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