July 15, 2009

As per usual

I am behind in my updates. I was doing so well for awhile there, but things have been busy and unpredictable lately and I've just been enjoying the ride. I've been having fun entertaining, dinner parties, game nights, walking with my new found friend, trying to keep up with my running program, picnicking, sleeping, and trying to keep up with it all! It's been one of my favorite summers in a long time.

My favorite summer TV program is So You Think You Can Dance! I caught the end of the last season and was so anxious for it to start up again. I LOVE dance. I get emotional over it. Sometimes I feel a little silly about that, but really, it's a powerful thing.

I made a new friend this summer. Her name is Anna and she has a 3 year old daughter, Naomi. She only lives a half a block away so we have been enjoying walks together and just spending time together. It's been so nice to have a friend nearby. On Friday we're going to see Harry Potter and have a little lunch or something. Then on Saturday, my friend Elizabeth will be staying overnight and I get more girl time! I'm very happy about it.

Here are a few pictures from the 4th of July:

Last weekend we went to Thief River Falls and visited the fair. The fair was nicer this year than I've seen it in the past and the girls really enjoyed it. They're so fortunate to have their grandparents to spoil them with passes to the fair and food and drinks, cause we certainly could never have afforded it.

On Sunday the plan was to head over to Old Mill State Park for a picnic lunch and swimming in the man-made pond. However, babies are unpredictable and with nap time we ended up not getting over there til around 4:30 in the evening. So we had a picnic supper which was just fine. At first the girls didn't want to swim. The water was pretty green, which looked really cool, but not very enticing for swimming, plus there were minnows EVERYWHERE! Eric and I didn't think they would want to go in, but there were other kids swimming and so they gathered up their courage and waded out into the murky water.

Okay, it was pretty gross to think about, but the girls really were enjoying it! In fact, Jenna shouted out "This is even more fun than the fair!", to which Eric commented to his dad "Hey, you guys could've saved a lot of money!" The girls stayed in that water for hours and the rest of us hung out under the trees. Alex got naked and had a little fun in the water as well, but no one took pictures. I guess I'm the official photographer... oh well!

Eric wandered the beach a bit and found a few little shells which Jenna was so excited about! It was pretty cute how much she loved finding the little treasures of shells and pebbles. We saved them and I need to start some little jars for her collections. Maybe a use for all those baby food jars I saved, finally!

If it weren't for the mosquitoes out at Eric's parent's place it would have just been a perfect weekend!

I'll try to be a better blogger :)


  1. Wow, when you finally do post, you cover a lot of ground! Great photos (as always). Looks like you guys have been having lots of fun. Marah really looks like she enjoyed the water (yuck!). Glad you're having such a good summer. Wish some of it could have been spent with us. Ah well, I guess we're lucky we have blogs and Facebook!

  2. cute pics. i love the last one of alex.


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