June 21, 2009

Party 1

We had two parties this year. I wanted to make sure to do something special on the actual birthday and then we had our family get together on Saturday. Everything was nice. Relaxed. Not stressful. loved it. I am just so much happier when I can plan a simple, easy-going party. No worries.

Our little family dinner consisted of burgers, pasta salad and chips. Then we had brownies and ice cream for dessert and Jenna got to open one of her presents from us and her gift from Nana and Papa. She loved everything she got and was very grateful. That made me happy. :) Alex was so cute just staring at the decorations.

Then she went to her best friends, Sydney and Jordan's, house for a sleepover that turned into a two night sleepover complete with a trip to the pool. They gave her a watercolor set with beautiful colors and a How to Draw Manga book. They are always so sweet and thoughtful to consider her artistic talent when they buy her gifts. I sure do miss having them as neighbors.

Anyway, we gave her a unicorn Webkinz and she got money and a necklace from Nana and Papa. And here are the pictures I took that day. I'll get the one's from Saturday up soon.


  1. Ashley, you have such a beautiful family. What gorgeous girls!

  2. cute pics. and ash, you look great in red!

  3. weeeeeee

    gonna send something this weekend when i go into town. so wierd to say that.

  4. Sounds like she had a great birthday. These are great photos. I love the one of Alex with the yellow balloon. And, Anna's right, you do look good in red!

  5. awesome!!! i love that family pic. even alex is looking and smiling! and yes, i agree, red is great on you! happy birthday jenna!


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