March 6, 2008

made a dent

Yesterday I worked so hard on the master bedroom. I made a very nice dent. You wouldn't believe how much laundry was on my floor. It was terrible. I filled (over filled) 7 laundry baskets with dirty laundry. Then we got all the junk out. There was a lot of garbage... kids leaving Jello cups and straws and coloring sheets and whatnot on the floor. So, the floor is empty! That's a huge deal, seriously.

I think I washed about 8 loads of laundry yesterday. That felt good. We were really lacking in clothing in this house. It seems the same things get washed over and over cause they keep ending up on top of the laundry pile. Poor Jenna has started complaining *lol* "Mom! Not that shirt again!" So I got a lot of her stuff washed yesterday.

Today my goal is to vacuum the room and to clear off the dressers and then get one box from the closet sorted. I think there are about 5 boxes in the closet that don't really even belong in there and I know they're full of clutter. Stuff that's been sitting there since we moved here in June.

Tomorrow I'll finish the boxes in the closet and then the room will be dusted on Saturday and DONE! It will be the first time that room has been clean ever!

On Tuesday I caught these shots of Marah after she got in trouble for something (can't remember now what it was). I gave her a little swat on her hand and then put her in time out in this chair. She was very pitiful. She's got it down.

Eric calls this the Britney Spears files

In this last photo Marah looks like she has runny mascara from crying but it is actually paint after she rubbed her tears LOL

Okay I'm gonna go do something productive :)

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  1. Too, too funny--and adorable. Britney Spears lives at my house, too!


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