March 10, 2008

Day of Rest

I think I overworked myself a bit last week. I was trying hard not to but it happened anyway. I just got burned out. I slept most of the day today and ended up with a nasty headache that I'm still trying to recover from. So it's been a crummy day. I haven't lifted a finger today. I would like to get some more laundry done cause I'm getting so close to being completely caught up and I don't want to fall behind again. So once this headache is gone I'll be folding the clothes in the dryer and starting a new load.

What I've been trying to do is to fold laundry first thing in the morning. This is really simple and it seems to help to get me in the right frame of mind for the day. If I don't do something right away I tend to not want to do anything all day.

So right now I'm drinking coffee and thinking about what I want to focus on this week. I managed to get the master bedroom completely done last week and did the girls room yesterday with Jenna's (and a teeny bit of Marah's) help. Got all the bedding stripped and washed yesterday so the bedrooms are officially clean. I did decide to hold off on the decluttering/organizing of the boxes in closets until the rest of the home is tidied up. Right now it's kinda hard cause there is no place for many things in those boxes so I'm gonna work on that later.

I think this week I want to focus on the kitchen. Having a clean and organized kitchen is so important. When things are not right in the kitchen it really hinders the ability to create meals with no stress. When I look at my kitchen I just get overwhelmed and stressed out and the last thing I want to think about is adding to the mess to cook something. And that bothers me cause I really like to cook.

So I'll first get everything looking decent to the untrained eye then I'll focus on going through the cabinets one at a time and throwing out/donating food and miscellaneous dishes that we never use. I'm gonna try not to let this project spill into the dining room like I know I'll want to do. That will just lead to being overwhelmed again. Dining room is a separate project.

I know all this cleaning talk is boring. But I guess it doesn't really matter cause who is reading this thing anyway *lol* Plus I know that when I read about people cleaning house it kind of motivates me to get going (which is exactly what happened this time around), so who knows who I may be motivating.

I am in desperate need of some shelving in this place. I want to just get some simple brackets and wood and mount them on the wall. We need shelving for our dvds that is up high so that Marah can't get into them. Plus our books need a home. I cannot wait for summer when people start having yard sales. I'm determined to find some good stuff this year. Oh, another thing I want is bunk beds for the girls. Their room is too small for two beds.

Did you know that Jenna LOVES broccoli? She gets it whenever it's available at restaurants (chooses it over fries) and eats it like it's candy. It's the first thing she eats when she has it on her plate. The other day I made it with supper for her and it was all she ate. She's not a fan of anything with hamburger in it anymore (except sloppy joes for some reason) which is a pain cause it's cheap and we're poor. It is so weird to me cause I did not like ANY veggies growing up. Marah loves corn. She has it for snack time sometimes. She also likes salad.

I remember growing up my parents making us eat salad and corn and green beans. They would make us take a piece of lettuce, one little piece of tomato and some shredded carrots. I would have to douse it in dressing and eat it in the same bite along with the main dish in order to literally choke it down. It was awful. And I was not being a baby about it. Especially about the tomato. I remember almost puking many times having to choke down the tomato. I also remember hiding stuff in my pockets and the cuffs of my pants to empty in the toilet later.

Luckily now I actually like salad (only dark greens though, not iceberg which is what we always had growing up) but not with tomato in it. I prefer caesar salad but will eat other salads if I have the right ranch dressing. I hate Hidden Valley ranch... maybe cause that was what we always had in the house as a kid, but I love homemade ranch or whatever they use in most restaurants. It's not as tangy and so much better in my opinion. I do love tomatoes in most foods but not in a salad, they still make me gag. On tacos, hamburgers, pizza, sandwiches I love them.

Still not a big fan of green veggies otherwise. But I can eat them without gagging now. Anyway, I'm glad my kids for the time being like at least some veggies.

I need to do a layout about Jenna's obsession with broccoli.

The other day Marah was playing her Sesame Street game and she just looked so cute.

Alright, bye :)

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  1. A couple of weeks ago, when Ryan was over, we had asparagus for dinner, and Ryan said, "You guys are so lucky. We never had asparagus when we were kids." I thought that was so funny. How sad that you guys had a vegetable hater for a mother when you were growing up. I absolutely LOVE asparagus (cooked with lemon and garlic) and grilled zucchini! Broccoli I can handle if it's fresh and warm, but not cold--yuck!


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