September 1, 2010



Alex got into the pantry at least 5 times.
Alex also got into the junk drawer at least 5 times.
Alex also colored on the linoleum at least 5 times.
I'm talking about big scribbles all over my dining room floor.
Alex threw at least 20 crayons to the floor.
We stepped on several of those crayons.
That nearly doubled the crayon count on the floor.
I gave up on keeping the house tidy.
I was on day 2 of being out of Zoloft.
This made today a pretty crappy day.
I slept almost all day.
That gave me a headache.
I'm still fighting that headache.
The TV has babysat my kids pretty much the whole day.
I am not proud of this.
Today was Back to School night for my kindergartener.
She was beaming with excitement over every new discovery.
It was so adorable.
It made my day a lot brighter.
I'm going to put my kids to bed now.
Then I will tidy up my house.
Then I will fold laundry.
Then I will do some embroidery.
Then I will edit photos.
Then I will read in bed.
Then I will fall asleep while I'm reading.
Then I will wake up to a better day.

Make each day count!


  1. Love your randomness. Sorry about your headache. :-(

  2. feel better ..when my kids wear me out with messes I feel overwhelmed and emotionally drained. I am sorry you are feeling that way. You need a night off/out

  3. Whew! That was a mouthfull! I'm pretty sure every mother in the world has had similar days - I bet even yours did and you turned out fantastic so no worries sweets! All's well that ends well and tomorrow is another day. <3


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