December 21, 2009

Oh, Christmas Week!

Wow! I cannot believe it's already Christmas week. We have been so busy the past few weeks! It has been great to be able to relax and enjoy this time of year. Last year we had a new baby in the house and so I was really too tired to do a whole lot with the older kids and the year before that I was working full-time plus overtime at which left me with very little time to do much of anything with the girls.

Somethings we've done recently include a Christmas movie marathon in our pajamas, lots of crafting, taking hot chocolate out with us as we looked at Christmas lights, our church's Christmas program, gift shopping at the Target Dollar Spot with the kids money, had a tea party, sledding, and a trip to Santa's Village. I am actually starting to get tired of Christmas music and I know that this year, when Christmas is over, we will be ready to move on to the next season of life. It feels good to be able to say that. I feel like we are spending enough time enjoying things this year so that we won't feel as if we missed out on anything once it's over.

A snuggly day at my sister-in-law's house with a Christmas movie marathon in our jammies.

Alex loved "playing" with the animals. They put up with a lot from him!

Tera and the girls and the pets getting cozy on the sofa

Me and my honey

The boys I love

Our tea party (the girls did not like the tea)

All the kids made Christmas cards

Marah's cards were just too cute!

Making Santa's

We printed and colored a Nativity scene

The whole she-bang

Jenna's new Christmas ornament for 2009

Marah's ornament

Alex's ornament

At Santa's Village. The kiddos with Santa and Mrs. Claus

Oh, these boys make my heart melt

I could snuggle this one all day long if he'd let me

The pretty girls with Miss North Dakota International (also Miss Grand Forks)

If money were no object I would have paid $1,000 to bring home the sock monkey tree!

While the girls were crafting, we three sandwiched in for a photo op.

Loved the light this tree gave off

Marah wanted me to take her picture while she acted amazed by the tree

If you've been a longtime reader you already know that Jenna is not only really into drawing, but is really talented as well. Suddenly Marah's drawings have transformed from blobs to real, recognizable figures! The artwork of my children is something that truly brings me great joy!

Marah's Spongebob drawing

Jenna's Squidward

Jenna's Spongebob and Patrick

And that's about it for now. We have a lot going on this week! I'm hoping to find time to blog in there somewhere! Things should settle down soon and I'll be back to blogging more regularly again.

Make each day count!

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