December 7, 2009


My days have been full! I am keeping myself and my family busy this Christmas season and we are loving it even if we are completely exhausted by days end. I have to summon every bit of determination in my being in order to get any clean up done at the end of the day. I was too busy today to really put together my pictures for blogging so instead I'm just going to share a little about my latest crafting obsessions.

I have been wanting to get into handmade crafting for awhile now and I have done a few projects here and there but it's difficult when budget and time is extremely limited and you want to do every project under the sun that you run into online! My goodness the internet is just full of inspiration! I can hardly stand it.

So here are the things I've been craving lately-


Felt Food


One day, my friends, one day!

I'll be back tomorrow with photos of our latest adventures!

~Make each day count!~

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