March 11, 2009

I like this day... usually.

There is something comforting to me about Wednesdays. It's the start of our week since Eric works Wed-Sat. and so with Wednesday comes routine and a little structure. I love the weekends too, don't get me wrong :) and by the end of the week I'm definitely ready to relax and throw structure to the wind, however, Wednesday is my fresh start day and I always try to make the most of it.

The only problem is that if Eric stays home, it ruins everything for me. Not because I don't like him being here, it's just that the kids and I are too distracted when he is here. It's like another weekend day. So that was how today was. I did manage to get the kids up, dressed, chores done and school work completed before I fell into my typical "I don't want to do a thing" mode that I'm in when he's here.

So that was my day. After 11 am I did pretty much nothing productive. Tried to take a nap but that was a bust. I fed the family. Yay for me :)

Most of you have probably aleady seen this on Facebook, but for those that missed it, Monday was movie night. A night I hope will become a tradition for us. Inspired by my friend, Shannon, who started up this group on Facebook the idea is to watch a movie with your family and create a night centered around a theme from the movie. So for our first themed night I went with Kung Fu Panda

I was wanting to use Chinese take-out boxes for the treats, but ran out of time to get some. Instead I used the little brown treat bags and wrote "kung fu" in chinese characters (or at least, what the internet told me was kung fu!) Then dressed them up a little with some red and gold yarn.

We all worked together to make the paper lanterns (very simple, just fold a piece of construction paper in half length-wise, cut slits across the crease about an inch apart, unfold, roll the paper up and tape the edge) then I strung Christmas lights across the ceiling and attached the lanters. (looked so cool at night)

I cut up some fabric strips and drew little yin yangs on them for headbands and picked up some chopsticks for everyone (which we all used at dinner except Marah). I made stir fry, egg rolls, and wontons for dinner. The kids didn't care much for the food, Marah ate cereal. But it was still fun! We definitely enjoyed putting everything together and it really was very easy!

I have several other ideas for movie nights in the near future.

And lastly, a cute pic of the kids.


  1. Looks like everyone had a great time. Wish we could have been there.

    Love you all,


  2. Ashley, you're so much like me, it's hilarious.

    I love that photo of the kids--so cute!


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