March 7, 2009

Catch up (a bit)

I don't have much time to write. But it's been so long! I need to write something! Sometimes just making myself blog a little bit starts me back into that routine.

Alex is already 5 1/2 months old! Sweet little boy. He fills everyday with smiles and awe. Yep, I'm awestruck by the little guy. He rolled over the other day. It was cute and exciting! But at the same time I tell him everyday to stop that growing! He greets us with razzes by sticking out his toungue and blowing spit all over :) It's cute. He's in a 6-9 month size, sometimes in a 9-12 month. Size 3 diapers. Loves baths. Always has. I've been putting on my swimsuit and taking baths with him in the tub since he's outgrown his baby bath. He likes that. I'm sure he'll start splashing pretty soon. I've given him solids a few times. Just to kinda give him a taste of what's to come. But I'm still pretty much exclusively breastfeeding. He still doesn't really seem ready for solids yet. He gags a lot. So I'm still holding off for the most part. He's a good eater. He LOVES books! I read to him a lot. He just kicks his little legs whenever I open a book. I can't wait til it warms up and I can take him for walks in the stroller.

Marah is still as tempermental as ever. Sweet as candy one second and moody and screaming the next. Love her to death though. Her hair is getting so long! I'm going to try not to cut it. It's hard for me! I want it short so it's easier to manage, but Marah has such crazy hair I think it would be too poofy if I cut it short. I'm trying to find something fun to get her involved with. I think she would be good with gymnastics or dance. Her little body seems to have been built for it. We'll see. Too bad everything costs so much money. She's a little twiggy thing. Today she's wearing pants that are size 18 months! She's been getting more into drawing lately. Her drawings are beginning to take shape. Where she was once only drawing people with a big head and arms and legs sticking out, now she is creating abstract Mickey Mouse and Wall-e pictures. Yesterday she drew an apple. So cute! I love seeing kids drawing skills develop.

Jenna has been loving Girl Scouts! A few weeks ago she went on an overnight trip to Bemidji (about 2 1/2 hours away). They went snow tubing and then stayed overnight at a fellow scouter's cabin. She had a blast! Her troop has been hard at work earning lots of Try-its (patches), selling cookies, community service projects and fun activities. It's been so great for her and I'm so glad that I signed her up for it. Been so worth every penny! She's been working hard to get to a healthy weight, working out on our new Wii Fit and being more conscious of the food she eats. She's a pretty good eater, always has been good with eating lots of fruit and vegetables. Thank goodness! She just needs to slow down a little when she eats and get more exercise. So she's been doing that and has been losing at a healthy pace. We're not obsessed about it, just learning how important it is to be healthy and how it contributes to the way we feel everyday.

On that note, I joined Weight Watchers three weeks ago and have been steadily losing so far. I also have been trying to work out on our Wii Fit each day. The hula hooping is an insane work out for me. Anything is better than the amount of exercise I was getting before (none). First week I lost 2.5 pounds. Second week I lost 2 pounds. This week is almost over and so far I'm down another 3 pounds, but my official weigh in day is monday. Hopefully I'll be down at least 1 pound. That's all I hope for each week. Down a pound. One pound a week adds up and will hopefully lead to a weight loss that sticks for good and a lifestyle change that I can live with forever. So far I have been doing pretty well, though I admit it is tough to go from eating whatever, whenever to watching every bite that I take in, tracking it, seeing just how much I have been eating... realizing I WAS eating WAAAAY too much, and learning to eat less. But I'm doing well so far. Not perfect, but that's okay :) I am nursing so I get to eat about 12 more points than I typically would be able to. I can see how it will be hard to not eat those 12 points when I stop nursing, though nursing does make you more hungry too. Hopefully it will all be okay. I'm nervous about that transition though.

Eric is still at Still enjoying his online gaming. Got a new headset so that I don't have to hear the tv when he plays. I enjoy that :)

And I don't like that that's all I have to say about him, but really, what more can I say? I love him, and things are pretty good. That's about it. If he wants to say more, he can put it in his blog :)

Sorry no pictures. I still am trying to figure out Photoshop Elements. It's weird for me. I'll get to it though... when I have time. (Do I ever have time?)

Later :)


  1. yeah i do wanna say more. stank you smelly much.

  2. I enjoyed that. Love you all!


  3. Ash, this was a great blog post! Very nice to catch up (even though we just talked on the phone this morning). I'm so proud of you with your weight loss! Wish I could report good news on that front, too, but. . . um. . . no.
    Love you!

  4. don't have much time to write?


  5. i think you should teach alex to beg. its cute when dogs do it so...

    marah should definitely dance. although i'll still be able to dance circles around her.

    how cool that jenna is living my dream of being in girl scouts! no really though thats awesome that she's having fun with that. it's gonna be so good for her.

    and eric...ummm. right on man.

  6. I know, I always do that! :) That didn't take much time though, really. Just like 10 minutes. I guess I more meant I don't have time to post pictures ;)

  7. good to catch up with you and your family. congratulations on your weight loss journey, i'm on a journey myself, though it's not for my weight but it's one of the perks!
    keep it going girl!

  8. I'm giving WW a try too! You've just motivated me to return to it this week...I totally took the past 3 weeks "off"!

  9. WOW! You really have a ton going on. This was an amazing post, thanks for all the kiddo info and as for your WW journey - congratulations! I don't know Eric and if you keep writing like this, I never will! LOL


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