February 9, 2008

It was a nice Saturday

Weather wise it was crummy, but otherwise I had a nice day. The wind was horrible and it was so cold. Kept me up most of the night cause the windows were rattling and the deck furniture was blowing around a bit.

This morning I was feeling a little queasy but not too bad. I was lying on the couch and I think the cat hair made me start coughing... I think I've developed more sensitive allergies since I became pregnant... and I cannot cough hard enough to accomplish what is meant to be accomplished by coughing. So for this reason I have to cough a lot more and it never really does the job. Then I end up coughing harder and I end up making myself gag really bad. My gag reflex is so sensitive right now. So I ran to the kitchen to have a bite of bread which usually keeps me from puking. It didn't work this time however and so I got sick in the kitchen sink, which was thankfully empty since I've been keeping up with the dishes. Marah was very worried about me and did her best to comfort me. I felt really yucky after that and my throat burned. Sigh... I hate being pregnant. I forgot just how much I hate it.

We went to the new Denny's for brunch. I forgot how much I don't care for Denny's. It was horrible, I felt bad for Jenna. She ordered a kids pizza and it looked so cheap and the cheese looked very gluey. She didn't eat it. She ate the grapes and some of Marah's fries. So we won't be going there again anytime soon, if ever. Perkins is so much better, no comparison whatsoever.

We went to Target for some groceries. We bought stuff to make banana splits and I forgot to get whipped cream. I also forgot that banana splits have strawberry sauce and pineapple sauce so when Eric asked why I was buying caramel I just gave him "what do you mean why?" look. Then he reminded me what comes on banana splits and I laughed. Oh well. I also bought some vanilla ice cream and strawberries to make strawberry shakes. The strawberries smelled sooooo good! How is that possible? I guess with the warm winter some states are having the crops are still good. I have been really enjoying oranges too and I really don't normally like oranges. They have to be perfect, and the ones I've been getting at Target have been just that!

Oh I also got a cute little boy onesie at Target. It was only $3.00 so I decided to get it maybe for good luck? lol It's cute though. It says 50% Mommy + 50% Daddy= 100% cute. So I hung it on the wall above our computer. If this is a girl then I can look at it everyday with hatred and regret... j/k :) I'm happy either way, but I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't be more happy if it were a boy. I know that no matter what though, the little sprout will bring more joy and stress just like the other two!

When we got home I took a nap with Marah. It felt good to sleep, as usual. I didn't wake up too groggy which was good. Then I gave Marah a bath and gave the kids banana splits.

Jenna took her shower while I made taco salad for supper. I made it with doritos and it was really good. I had been craving that all day. So the kids are clean, which is always an accomplishment. Jenna really is at the point where she needs to wash her hair every other day. It has been stinky lately. I've been too busy to tend to that, but I will change that. Same with Marah, though I hate giving her a bath too often as her skin is so sensitive and she just starts itching like crazy. I need to find a good bath wash for eczema. Some say they are good but then they just make her break out.

Anyway, I really should go. Wanted to leave you with this video first though :)


  1. oooooh i was really wanting to see her pick her nose, why did you cut?!

    you do have the cutest chillins.

  2. Hilarious! Too cute. I hope you're feeling better!

  3. i didn't know you were pregnant! (i guess i should check your blog more often! bad me!) congrats!!

    and wow, marah looks SO much like you.


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