October 18, 2010

the time, the time, who's got the time?!

I should just accept and admit that I will never be able to be a regular blogger. It's so time consuming! I'll never give up on blogging, because it is a great way to record what happens in our lives and, if it weren't for my blogs, I would be missing chunks of photos from my kids lives since our computers have crashed and left the unprotected photos that I may have forgotten to back up, well, unprotected. Meaning: gone. Forever. Sad. So when I went to look up our family photos from the past four years at the pumpkin patch, I was upset to find that I was missing most of October 2007. I knew that I had posted some of those photos on my blog back then and so I was able to recover one shot of the girls with their pumpkins for this post today. Whew!

Anyway, we took our fourth annual trip to Nelson's Pumpkin Patch in Emerado, ND on Sunday. We always have a great time and the girls look forward to it each year. It's hard to believe that next October Alex will be the same age that Marah was the first time we took her! As I was going through the pictures I took on Sunday I was struck by how sweet it is that we have these pictures of the kids each year and how much they have grown. So I thought I should post them here and wish you all a wonderfully pleasant October and harvest season! We are certainly enjoying it here.

2007- Marah (3) and Jenna (7)

2008- Jenna (8), Alex (2 itty bitty weeks!), Marah (4)

2009- Jenna (9), Alex (1), Marah (5)

2010- Jenna (10), Alex (2), Marah (6)

And then, just because I couldn't resist, my little gooby-goob each year on the hayride :)

2008- 2 weeks

2009- 1 year

2010- 2 years

Sigh... memories. They make my heart happy :)

Make each day count!


  1. DUDE! when i saw the first picture i was like...wait why does marah look like she got younger ha

    why am *I* not in the family pumpkin patch picture? lame.

    hey your pictures look awesome. but ashtinafeylou text is really distracting. if youre gonna put that there i would make it much much smaller and like stick it in the corner. you afraid someones gonna steal your photos and claim them as their own?

  2. I was ON IT with blogging for SO long and I've since fallen away from making it a regular thing... I SOOO need to get caught up and stay that way. I'm playing catch-up and I'm loosing! I refer to my blogs when I scrapbook so it I skip stuff, it failes to make it into my scrapbook, can't have THAT!!!

  3. Ryan, you're a baby. just saying :P it's not like i put it on top of anyone's face. and yes, people steal photos like this. it happened to a friend of mine and I think that's annoying.

  4. Love the shots and being able to see the difference in everyone over those years.


  5. Your family is beautiful! I love the "Proud to be Awesome" shirt your hubby is sportin' in the post after this. I think I need to get my hubby that one.


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