August 23, 2009


We took our first trip down to Aberdeen, SD in three years last week to visit Eric's sister and her family. A good time was had by all ;)

Eric's sister, Angie, and her husband, Dan

Eric trying to build up enough gas to light up (yes, that's my husband, haha!)

Mandy, Dan, and Angie enjoying Eric's antics

Dan and Angie

Eric settled down... for a bit.

Alex on the morning of Zion's party

Alex getting lots of kisses from his Mommy, and loving it!

Jenna was obsessed with the guitar. I sure wish we could get her one.

My happy boy

Marah acting ornery at the party and me mimicking her.

Jenna the pirate and me.

Yet another bad moment in a series of Marah's "bad day."

She got an owie.

Alex loved the cake.

Alex and Jenna love playing together. Jenna is much more patient than Marah :)



Uncle Danny accompanying Jenna on the accordion.

Uncle Danny showing Jenna the bass.

Zion The Birthday Pirate.

Even though this is blurry, I thought it was so cute how the girls were playing together while Alex looks on.

Eric convinced Jenna to try the big water slide by going on the double tube with her.

Jenna going down the big slide all by herself. She was so proud.

Jenna on the tube slide by herself for the first time.

Eric is his own #1 fan.

Angie looking cute :)

Jenna's attempts to get out of her tube were hilarious! She would get her legs caught every time. Then she would be stuck with her head in the tube and not knowing how to get over to the ladder. "I need a little help here!" Oh man, I felt bad but I could not stop laughing.

Jenna convinced Angie to go one more time.

So cute!

Eric recreating one of his infamous poses at Storybookland.

That spider scared the bejeezus out of Zion and Marah! ;)

Zion, Eric, Dan, Jenna, and Marah with The Wizard of Oz characters.

Zion and Marah (Zion makes me laugh in this picture!)

Zion, Dan, Marah, me, Jenna, Eric's Dad, and Alex

Me and my boy. Look how blue his eyes are here.

Dan, Jenna, Marah, and Zion on the castle.

Finally a picture of the five of us. I think this is the first since the hospital!

My kiddos.

Jenna and Daddy

Hey Paul! Paul Bunyan...

Marah feeding a goat. I could not stop laughing over that goat licking the pellets out of her hand and Marah just staring intently at the goat, completely unafraid.

Just the two of us.

Eric, yet again, recreating a pose from back in the day.

Jenna and the Tin Man.

Cousins follow the yellow brick road.

Riding the Storybookland Express (at a blazing 5 mph!)

Alex's first train ride!


  1. LOVE EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM! The kids are gorgeous, and you are looking fantastic! Oh, and Eric looks pretty good, too. Thanks for posting these! I miss you!

  2. great pics. looks like you guys had a great time!


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