November 11, 2008

quick post

I can't type much becaue i really can barely even see what I'm doing here. We have a real problem with our computer and my screen is so distorred that it's really tough to do anything. So excuse any typos here. :) I had to update with a few pics though.

Halloween: Marah was Snow White, Jenna was a "scary bat" and Alex was a cute baby :)

and here is a couple of Jenna feeding Alex. She's been begging to give him a bottle but we don't do formula so I happened to have pumped this morning and she was very happy to be able to feed him. She's really such a great help to me.

and finally one of Alex today (7 weeks old now)


  1. The kids look soooo cute in their costumes! LOL I'm totally laughing at the pic in the post below about "a little watery eyed after I picked a booger from his nose." LOL! That's motherhood for ya!

  2. Hey, what happened to the comment I posted here last night? Why does that keep happening to me? I swear I did make a comment. Whatever. Anyway, I'm hoping to get the package of clothes out to you this weekend. I bought a few more today.

  3. This is a cutieful set of pictures. Love 'em all!

    I will call you soon regarding your computers.

    Love you all,



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