April 21, 2012

Pretty Little Things

Well, as you may know, I wear glasses. Yeah, I'm like, a full-time glasses wearer. This still strikes me as a bit odd for a few reasons. I guess mainly because when I was a kid I didn't know many kids who wore glasses. The kids who did wear glasses were considered nerdy. There were no cool glasses back then. They all just sucked ass pretty much and now those same sucky glasses are back in style. It's funny. I mean, really funny.

Here's the thing you might not know about me. I love fashion. I love weird fashion. I love ironic, hipster fashion. I love vintage fashion. I just think clothing and accessories can be so much fun! You wouldn't know it by looking at me most of the time because-- a.) I do not have money to buy stuff that I want to buy. I basically have to live off of cheap t-shirts and hand me down jeans (yes, it's sad, but I'm still wearing hand me downs) and  b.) accessories, well, you can pretty much forget about it! My accessories consist of thick rubber bands to pull my hair up into a messy bun (every. single. day.), a bunch of random jewelry that I inherited from my Grandmere, some bangle and jelly bracelets I got for super cheap clearance, and a few other items that were purchased for me as gifts. I really don't often have the money to buy these types of things for myself. I'm doing good just to keep myself clothed. I'm doing you a big favor there. Trust me.

So I have a love of pretty, fun, colorful things but not many opportunities to express myself in this way. So I was pretty excited when I got the heads up that Coastal Contacts (don't let the name fool you) was offering a free pair of glasses to new customers I was so excited! I ordered my last pair of glasses from one of these inexpensive vision providers and was thrilled with the result. So I'm feeling pretty confident that this company will deliver a great product to me. If you wear glasses and you don't know your prescription info then please call your vision clinic and get the info or make an appointment! I think this offer lasts until April 27th and the code to enter at checkout is FIRSTPAIRFREE.

Here are the frames I ordered:

A cute pair of clear cat eye frames. I've always wanted to try cat eye frames AND I've been wanting to try clear frames, too! Plus, these frames have black arms on the sides and cute little silver heart details at the temple on the front of the frames (a little hard to see in this photo). Perfect for me! :)

I have also been wanting to try some tortoise shell style frames and I like the retro styling of these.

I'm already happy with my black, everyday glasses so if these don't make me happy when I try them on I am really okay with that. I paid $10 altogether for both pairs so it is worth the risk as far as I'm concerned! I'm anxious to get them! I'll be sure to report back with photos and a review.

April 9, 2012

I'm 15...

When it comes to this guy...

I'm 15. I do believe that Jason Segel must be one of the most adorable, laid back, sweet, and funny guys on the planet. I have a seriously giggly schoolgirl crush on him ♥

If I ever meet him and he wants to fool around I will do so because life is too short to let such opportunities pass us by.

Am I right? :)

I'm still here

I'm still here. Yep, sure am! I've been busy and so many things have been pulling me in so many directions and so, once again, blogging has fallen to the wayside.

Eric and I just returned from a trip to San Diego for my cousin's wedding. A wonderful trip that reminded me of how much I love my family, extending out into cousins and second cousins and cousins-in-law and old family friends and so on. My life is good and the people in my life have brought me so much happiness and beautiful memories. Some days I feel so very far away from all that laughter and joy. Those people bring me joy in a way that's hard to describe. It's not necessarily because they are more funny or amazing than anyone else I know but simply because they have been a meaningful part of my life for so long that when I am near them I just feel like I'm home.

I miss them so.

Oh, and I'm really not much afraid to fly any more. So that's a pretty big deal. :) If only I could rid myself of my anticipatory anxiety I would consider myself completely cured! This abolishing of fear has opened up a vast world of travel limited only by finances and, well, as tough as those may be to come by, I know that it is not impossible and I believe that I will one day do things that I never dreamed possible, like visiting foreign countries and seeing more that this beautiful planet has to offer.

Some things I'd love to see one day...

Paris, France


Lake Lucerne, Switzerland



and, of course, Japan