April 23, 2009


I have been finding that by doing the following three things, my energy level has greatly improved.

1. Getting to bed by 10:30
2. Exercising daily
3. Eating less junk

Okay, sure, I already knew this would probably happen if I took better care of myself... but experiencing it has been nice. Very nice. I don't feel the need for naps as much as I did before (though, I won't lie, a nap is always nice), and I've been figuring out which foods keep me feeling full longer which helps a lot with eating less.

I had been doing Weight Watchers online for about 3 weeks, lost 10 lbs and then... stopped. I hate that I keep doing that. I keep finding these amazing, wonderful, delicious, buttery, yummmmmmmy recipes that I just HAVE to make and then I make them again, and again, and again, and I can't stop eating them!

Last week I stayed in Thief River Falls with my in-laws and got to visit several friends who I hadn't spent time with in many months. It was a great time, despite the sick baby who was missing home clinging to me every second. While I was at my friend, Elizabeth's house I saw her Jillian Michaels - 30 Day Shred dvd, I anxiously asked to borrow it. I had heard of it from several online friends and knew it was tough and only 20 minutes. I thought, hey I can do 20 minutes... famous last words LOL

Really, though, it is TOUGH! My biggest issue is actually with my feet. I don't know if I just have bad feet or if I need better shoes, but oh man, my feet HURT when I did the cardio stuff, especially the jump rope part. I thought my legs would fall apart in pieces the first time I did the dvd. My hands were literally shaking so bad for a good hour afterward that I could hardly type. I thought my heart would never settle down.

But it did. Yes, the next morning I could barely get out of bed. Everytime I got off the couch I cringed and braced myself for the pain! But I did the workout again on day 2. AND I went for a 45 minute, fast paced walk that same evening, talking to myself the entire time, motivating myself, just putting powerful, positive thoughts into my head.

I haven't done the workout every day. I have skipped two days in a week, but those days I made sure to do something, even if it was just for 10 minutes, incorporating little bits of that video into my day when I had a moment. Jumping jacks here, push ups there, some crunches. Anything to get my body moving.

Today I did my 5th day of Jillian Michaels - 30 Day Shred and I felt so great afterward! My feet still hurt and those darn jump ropes are still the toughest part for me (push ups are pretty rough too), but I'm getting better each time and my endurance is improving every day.

If only I hadn't gained back most of those 10 lbs that I lost a couple of months ago... oh well. Anyway, I have lost 6 lbs since Monday so I'll just focus on that and forget about what I gained back :) I've got people helping me stay focused on my goal and keeping me accountable and that is something I really needed.

Anyway, on to other things. I know I'm a bit wordy! :)
Yesterday the kids learned about splatter painting and Jackson Pollock. Even Alex got in on the fun.

click the image to see a larger version.

They made some cute little paintings that we hung up on our walls. The walls are becoming full of colorful paintings, just how I like them :)

Well I've got stuff to do so I'll sign off now. Have a lovely day!

April 20, 2009

yep, yep

I am fully aware that May is quickly approaching and I still have my Christmas clothes on. It's like the year my parents left the lights on the house for a whole year and by the time Christmas rolled around again, they were glowing in lovely new shades of pastel. :)

Off to make Cheesy Corn Casserole in my disaster of a kitchen. sigh...

April 7, 2009

Winter dragging on too long blues

Yes, winter has dragged on far too long. we still have snow in our yard and I'm ready for it to be gone already! By the time the snow melts I feel like it will be summer. We'll pretty much miss spring altogether. Ah, the joys of living in northern Minnesota. That's why it's cheap! :)

I'm sure the nicer weather, once it comes, will bring with it motivation to get more accomplished each day. I have been keeping up with pictures and videos I just haven't done anything with them yet. Since I've been without Photoshop for quite sometime I haven't done any editing. Finally got that problem solved so I can start getting those pictures up here soon.

Today I finally got Alex's 6 month pictures shot. I didn't get many good ones, he's so antsy right now, just learning how to sit up alone which makes him wobbly. I did get this one though. I have been trying to edit it but having a hard time. I like the black and white, but whatever I'm doing to it is making it look dull or something. I don't know how to fix it. If anyone is interested in trying something with it, let me know and I'll send you the color version to fool with.

But here is the one I did. He sure is cute and growing so fast! The little dimple in his chin is definitely becoming more aparent.

Alright, now he's mad. I better go take care of him. :)